Bug Jam

The History of Bug Jam

Bug Jam was started by Brett and Cliff, and began as a one-day only event on a sunny Sunday afternoon in July 1987. After months of planning and advertising in the various car related magazines of the day, around 3,500 people made it to the event although considerably more than that claim to have been there!

How things have changed over the years since then! The event grew rapidly in the late 80's and the spawning UK dance scene found its home in the surreal surroundings of Santa Pod and thousands of VW's. Top DJ's cut their teeth and dance bands like the Prodigy had heir first taste of outdoor gigs like Bug Jam, with dubbers dancing, chanting and waving Glo-Sticks whilst blowing whistles! Bug Jam has grown steadily since these early days, and although some of the original cars and faces are welcomed back to the Pod every year, the popularity of Bug Jam has grown beyond the wildest imaginations of the original collective of VW enthusiasts.

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